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Wollongong hobby, special interest and collectible items - Free ads

Find or sell collectors items, memorabilia, hobby and special interest items and collections here.

Wollongong Exchange is a free, quick option for Wollongong folk to buy and sell collectors, hobby and special interest items including as:

• Collectible items – coins, stamps, model trains, model cars, trading cards, memorabilia
• Hobby and special interest items – potters wheels, sewing machines, painters easels
• Recycle unwanted legacy or collectors items
• All types of new or used Wollongong collectors, hobby and special interest items

Sellers Tips

1. Provide a good description of your items – give as many details as you have including age, price, etc
2. Use an image! If you want to sell your item quickly you really need to show people what you are selling
3. Multiple items for sale will get best response for separate, detailed ads
4. Price your items after careful research
5. Mention marks, missing pieces, scratches or other defects in your ad copy

Protect Yourself!

The best protection against fraud is local face-to-face inspection and trading. Wollongong Exchange recommends you NEVER deal with, respond to and report any advertiser or respondent you can’t deal with face-to-face. Use the secure mail system – frauds don’t like it!
"I came across the Exchange website through Google search engine.

I advertised 3 items for sale. 2 telescopes and a lounge suite. The telescopes have already been sold.

I would recommend your site to others,
John P



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